Why Business Directories are important

Anyone that has used Google a couple of times must have came in contact with Business Directories. Sometimes they are useful and sometimes they may be an irritation to visitors. Whatever your view of them is, they play an integral part to the success of your business if you use them correctly.

Advertising your business on Business Directories are important for the following reasons:

Search Engine Optimization

Every business website needs search engine optimization. SEO is an essential part because it determines where your website will rank on the Search Engines. If you are not on the first page of the major Search Engines for your business keywords,  you are losing out on 80% of the Online Business. Search Engine Optimization can be a costly exercise, but there are also other ways of building it over time. Business Directories offer a service that can provide your website with “SEO Juice” by providing a do-follow link. Not all links are do-follow links, and they are normally the paid options.


Business Directories normally have high volume traffic. These visitors can become visitors on your website when they click on you link on the directory.

Contact Information

When visitors search for a business in your industry on Google or any other Major Search Engine, it is normally to find contact details for a specific business. They will either find your details or your competitors details. The visitor will normally pick the business that stands out the best. If you are advertising on a business directory with a premium listing, your listing will stand out, and you will most likely be picked first. Premium listings come at a price but they have much more value than normal listings. It is well worth paying the premium.


Where should I list?

There are many Business Directories Online and it can be difficult to find a good one with a relative good price. At Business Direct Media, we have developed three business directories where you can list by placing your listing on our BDM Datafeeds System. Our system will feed the information to all these directories.